Fair Usage Policy

We at Storywall are on a mission to make sharing experiences safer and better for everyone.
To ensure we run our services smoothly for all our users, you must comply with the following “Fair Usage” policies:
1. Not to violate, or encourage the violation of, the legal rights of others;
2. Not to engage in, promote or encourage illegal activity, including child sexual exploitation, child abuse, or terrorism or violence that can cause death, serious harm, or injury to individuals or groups of individuals;
3. Not use Storywall for any unlawful, invasive, infringing, defamatory or fraudulent purpose including Non-consensual Explicit Imagery (NCEI), violating intellectual property rights of others, phishing, or creating a pyramid scheme;
4. It's your responsibility to make sure every media uploaded to your account is safe, appropriate, and aligned with any law and commercial trademarks.
5. Storywall's team is eligible to block any content or account that violates this policy without prior notice. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any question regarding any such event. We will answer within 48 hours. contact@storywallapp.com