May 2, 2023

How to Create a Live Storywall for Your Wedding

Storywall is the most easiest and fun way to collect Photos and videos from your guests and play it as a live slideshow at your wedding.

How to Create a Live Storywall for Your Wedding

Here is a quick step-by-step instructions on how to create a live slideshow at your wedding using Storywall

1. Signup

Go to , click on 'Get Stated' to create an account.

2. Create your Storywall

On your Home, click on 'New Wall' to create a new Storywall.

  • Give your wall a name for example, 'Hannah & Ben's Wedding'.
  • Add a description, this is the message your guests will see on scanning the QR code, so make it meaningful, for example, 'Please share your messages for Hannah & Ben for the live Slideshow'
  • Leave the 'Allow users to post' flag turned on.
  • Select 'Private' option next to make your wall private.

That's it you have created your first Storywall.

3. Share your Storywall

Click on the 3 dots '...' next to your Storywall name.

Click on the Share button to access the QR code for your wall, take a screenshot of the QR code.

Add the QR code along with a message for your guests and place it on the tables at your event. Make sure you've tested the QR code works before your print copies of it. If you are having issues it may be because the QR code image is too small, make it bigger and you should be good.

You can even copy the secure link below the QR code from the Share settings page and share it with your guests before the event for them to post their messages for you.

Below is a sample message you can display at your event.

4. Add Your Own Videos and Photos to your Storywall

Share your special moments for your guests by adding your own videos and Photos to your Storywall. These may include photos and videos from your engagement, your proposal, your family gatherings etc.,

Just click upload button to add videos and photos.

5. On The Day

Make sure you have internet connectivity at your venue.

Get your laptop and connect it to the projector and do a screen share. Make sure your laptop charger is connected and the display settings are adjusted so the laptop display does not turn off when left on idle.

On your laptop, Login to with your email and password during signup

Click on play button on your wall to start the slideshow.

Place the QR code cards on the tables at your venue and ask your MC to let your guests know to use the QR code to post their messages.

That's it, sit back and see your guests messages displayed on your slide show automatically. More importantly HAVE FUN!!